Time in Pechory:

The Holy Dormition Pechory Monastery

Address: Ulitsa Mezhdunarodnaya 5, Pechory, 181500, Pskov region, Phone/Fax: +7 81148 2 21 45

The Holy Dormition Pechory Monastery is located 340 kilometers from Saint-Petersburg and 50 kilometers from Pskov, near the very border of Estonia. 

The monastery now contains nine churches. In the most ancient gold-domed Cathedral of the Dormition is preserved the miracle-working icon of the Dormition of the Most-Pure Mother of God (1521), Icon of St. Nicholas Wonderworker, and the relics of Saint Martyr Cornelius.

St.Barbara Church

Address: Sobornaya sq. 1, Pechory, Pskov region, 181500

It was built in the end of 18 century. This is a parish church of Setu people - a Karelo-Finnish, Estonian-speaking people most of whom are Orthodox Christians.

Church of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste

Address: Sobornaya sq. 2, Pechory, Pskov region, 181500

Near St.Barbara church there is another white church a little bit further from the monastery wall. In 1540 a small church was moved here from the monastery for the sake of laics who later formed a civil settlement around the monastery called Podmonastyrskaya Sloboda. In 1778 it was decided to construct a stone church with a stone fence and a three-floored bell-tower above the entrance on the place of the wooden one. The process of building took a long time from 1817 till 1860.

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church

Address: Ulitsa Gagarina 12a, Pechory, Pskov region, 181500, 

Phone: +7 909 5747773

This is a red brick building which was built upon the project of architects Podkachaev and Krummer in 1923-1926. 
The famous church organ was made according to the style of the end of the 19th century. 
And nowadays apart from the church services all comers may enjoy organ concerts in the church.


Slovenian springs

This is an amazing nature monument tightly bound to the history of the town of Izborsk. Natural springs coming out from the limestone terrace and feeding the Gorodishchenskoe lake got their name form an ancient prince Sloven who founded here the first settlement. It is very pleasant to take a walk from the fortress walls along a shady aisle to the very edge of the cold lake and look at the picturesque nature power of water coming out from a high stone bluff coast.

The ancient settlement of Truvorovo

The town of Izborsk was founded on a triangular cape of a high plateau near Gorodishchenskoe lake. The territory was small, but the place was chosen very wisely: the settlement occupied the top of the hill rising from the bottom of the valley and was naturally protected from any attack. The fortress was completely unassailable, especially if you look at it from the place where once the boats from the Peipus Lake arrived.

Church of St Nicholas the Wonderworker

For the first time the Church was mentioned in the Chronicle in 1341. In 1345 Pskov Prince Yuriy and clergymen from Pskov went to Izborsk to consecrate the church of the Nikolsky Cathedral.